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Grupo Inter-Religioso de Sào Paulo CC

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30 Members

Traditions: Christian Presbyterian , Christian Catholic , Christian Lutheran , Indigenous  See All

Action Area: Environment, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Youth

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

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Our purpose is to develop dialogue attitudes among religious and spiritual leaders in our city and share solidarity actions with the poor people among whom we live.

In the process of revisiting the activities of our CC, we are working to form new partnerships to facilitate the interaction of politicians with organizations working in culture of peace. We also value URI’s contribution and the spirituality of religious leaders as transforming forces in the social context. This is why we support the renovation of the ConPaz- Parliamentary Council on Culture of Peace in the Legislature of Sao Paulo. We are always paying attention to the environmental issues and we support UNISOES CC in the organization of the event “Ecologic View of a Sustainable and Peaceful Planet.” We are also focused in educating youth on interreligious dialogue. In this sense, we work with the Taize community on the Brazil the Day of Trust, a youth meeting directed to youth focused in interfaith cooperation.

Our dream is to foster a peaceful and constructive acquaintance between religions and spiritual groups, giving testimony for positive respect for diversity, and positive action shared by multicultural and inter-faith groups.

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