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Los Descendientes de Guatemaya

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8 Members

Traditions: Christian Catholic, Roman , Christian Evangelical , Indigenous

Action Area: Indigenous Peoples, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

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This Cooperation Circle is formed by students of the University of San Carlos in Guatemala in Law. They have the need to share what they know, their religious practices and traditions, and understand what their country was like before the Constitution. Founding members are from different traditions: Kaqchikel Spirituality, Evangelical and Catholics. They look forward to participating in the interfaith movement and sharing their spiritual knowledge and understanding of Mother Nature with their brothers and sisters. Recently on September 18th (Kaji Imox), members of the CC went to Lake Atitlán where there is a submerged city, covered by the waters of the lake. They went there to ask for wisdom and ask the water to calm down. One of their dreams is that people understand that we are children of our Mother Nature and that we need to live in peace with one another. In the group they live dignity, solidarity, spirituality and, above all, respect to the elders who are wisdom carriers. This is what they plan to offer to URI.

Respect, dignity, solidarity, spirituality and above all respect to the elders that are the wisdom carriers.

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Vilma Rosaura Palax Tuy

Caserío Vasconcelos Cantón Xajaxac , 502

(502) 47949460

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