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Interfaith Youth Partnership CC

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To bring youths of different faiths together in order to share a common vision of harmonious co- existence.

Interfaith Youth Partnership CC
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Traditions: Islam, Christian Anglican, Christian Catholic , Christian Seventh Day Adventist  See All

Action Area: Environment, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Youth

Region: Africa

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IYPA is a youth-focused Community Based Organization (CBO), based in Nansana Town Council, Wakiso District in Uganda. Interfaith Youth Partnership was founded in 2003 by graduate youth who felt it necessary to mobilize fellow youth from their areas of residence and to address the poor standards of living among unemployed youth. The founders, who are all youth, are an interfaith group from the Orthodox, Christian, and Muslim faith communities. 

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IYPA addresses the living standards of youth and sensitizes them to the environment.

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