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InterSpiritual Centre of Vancouver Society

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 A recent highlight was hosting the "Protect our Sacred Waters" event.

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Traditions: Brahma Kumaris, Buddhist, Christian, Confucian  See All

Action Area: Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue

Region: North America

Website: http://www.interspiritualcentre.com

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The work of the InterSpiritual Centre has three major areas of focus:

1. Serving the sacred in human community: We work to foster interspiritual understanding and collaboration by promoting opportunities for diverse groups and individuals to cultivate and share insights, teachings and practices. In all we do, we seek to nurture relationships of mutual respect and generosity, and to model compassionate conduct in the presence of differences. As a consortium of spiritual, religious and interspiritual groups, we develop and facilitate initiatives, events, and educational programs. We promote the endeavors of member groups and allied organizations, and partner with like-minded community groups and institutions to further shared aims.

2. Sharing sacred space: We share physical space on the Vancouver Unitarian campus, and look forward to working with organizational and/or institutional partners to develop larger multi-use facilities. We invite people of multiple spiritual/religious languages, cultures and backgrounds to work side by side to nurture their own spiritual lives and communities, appreciate the ways and practices of other traditions, and collaborate to benefit the centre, neighborhood, city, province, and beyond.

3. Honoring the sacredness of the Earth: One sacred space that all creatures share is Earth itself. We strive to honor and embrace the sacredness of the Earth, and promote actions of caring for the beauty, health and sustainability of the natural world.

ICS is focused on a cross pollination of the organizations focused on environmental, intercultural, interfaith and social justice.

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Ms. Louise Mangan

120 Hilltop Road
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
V8K 1V9

1 (604) 720-5045

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