Iris Women CC
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Traditions: Islam, Islam Muslim Sunni , Christian Orthodox , Islam Muslim Sufi  See All

Action Area: Women, Youth

Region: Middle East and North Africa

Label: Purpose & Activities

Our purpose is to mobilize women for their rights and social leadership for a positive change in society and peace building.

The Black Iris of Jordan, a flower unique to our country, is a symbol of growth and renewal. We have chosen the black iris to represent our values: Innovation, Respect, Inspiration, Social Services. Our most memorable activities, hopes and plans for the future focus on promoting the rights of women on a national and international level by providing them with a strong voice. This voice shall be achieved through the formation of committees where educated females learn how to train and hold workshops for less educated women regarding human rights, issues of gender and problem solving. We also aim to strengthen women's self-groups through capacity building, to help youth to maximize their potentials by networking and helping each other to grow personally and professionally, to build a strong membership base of women from different walks of life, to show appreciation to elders by raising the awareness of local people in order to encourage their participation in community building and improving the quality of life, and to create an ethos that is based on social justice, self-reliance, gender equality, and good governance.

Our dream is to enlarge our circle and make our voice reach every one who believes that the world becomes better by more understanding and cooperation between people from different cultures and faiths.

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