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Maso Amudzi (Community Watch)

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13 Members

Traditions: Christian, Islam, Rastafarian

Action Area: Community Building, Environment, Women

Region: Africa

Label: Purpose & Activities

Malawi in general is a boiling pot where all people of different ethnic groups and of different religious traditions mix and live in harmony but sometimes in the communities the different groups are keeping themselves apart, not really interacting with other religious groups. They bring everyone together in a way that benefits everyone. Maso Amudzi strives to build the capacity of communities for peaceful interactions with the environment by enhancing commitment to reforestation, good waste disposal, women empowerment and respect for one another’s religious tradition. The bridges that are being built are between the people and the environment. But in order to understand the environment, the people must understand and respect each other. CC members believe that people from different religions – Muslims, Christians, Traditionals, Rastas – must all accept each other and their right to be part of the earth, so that they can help each other to be responsible for the earth. The group has been participating actively and enthusiastically in UN Special Days and in the community of URI led by the Malawi Co-ordinating Committee . They have joined forces with other Blantyre CCs for special projects for instance helping communities affected by the flooding situation which has plagued Malawians in recent months.

To be the eyes and mouthpiece of our community so that everyone may have a voice and feel that their rights are protected and they are safe

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Takondwa Monteiro

Nsusa Village,

(265) 999 929 772

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