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Paras Welfare Foundation

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PURPOSE: To promote peace by giving education to children, and keep children in orphanage homes 

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7 Members

Traditions: Christian Catholic , Christian Pentecostal , Islam

Action Area: Education, Health and Social Services, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Policy Advocacy, Women, Youth

Region: Asia

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Paras Welfare Foundation is registered as an NGO under Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies. There is religious diversity in Lahore and at times the community experiences discrimination in the name of religion. In such circumstances, there is a grave need to promote harmony and peaceful co-existence and especially to develop this approach among children. The group gathered so that they can positively change the minds of children as builders of a peaceful community. The Cooperation Circle has been running an orphanage home since 2015 and a free school with 150 students. Women are also a focus of Cooperation Circle activities. They have organized a program for 50 Muslim and Christian women for the welfare of the colony. Through Paras Sewing Center, they build women´s skills and they move them to send their children to school. Members have also organized programs to celebrate August 14th, Pakistan Independence Day, and developed several programs for children to promote interfaith harmony. 

VALUE: Education of peace, awareness and interfaith harmony

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Mr. Aslam Masih Zahid

Dullu Kallan, Ferozepur Road

(92) 3008851894

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