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32 Members

Traditions: Christian Orthodox , Islam Muslim Sunni , Baha’i, Spiritualist

Action Area: Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation

Region: Multi-Region


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The purpose of Radio Tram is to promote free expression, human rights, gender equality and tolerance through radio in Egypt. The channel was founded and fully funded by young people. They present ideas, talent, projects and activities that emerged among youth following the 2011 revolution. Today, Radio Tram is one of the top online channels in Egypt. Their ideals go hand-in-hand with URI’s purpose and principles and they believe their participation will give them greater credibility. In turn, their local partnerships will enable the message of tolerance and acceptance to be broadcast far and wide. To learn more, go to

Radio shows to promote Human Rights , Gender Equity and Freedom of Expression.

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Omar Hatem

Mostafa Kamel Str Apartment: 39

+20122 58 88 104

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