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Red Nacional De Educadores Agrarios Del Paraguay

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700 Members

Traditions: Christian Catholic , Christian Evangelical , Indigenous , Jewish See All

Action Area: Education, Environment, Human Rights, Indigenous Peoples, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Women

Region: Latin America and the Caribbean

Website: http://silviotorres.com

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This group represents a large community of 700 agrarian institutes that have being working together to strengthen the professionalization of agricultural education, to improve its technical degree and the environmental technician training. They make decisions together in regional assemblies, which is a guarantee of respect for diversity and inclusiveness. The group has sustained experience working to support families and a huge amount of experience in spreading agrarian and environmental schools, generating book editions to support agricultural studies, and helping community development. They trained technicians and professionals and they invite them to be part of the network. The interest of the group is to promote family farms and community development. Their work covers a meaningful spectrum: children education, human rights, religious freedom, sharing indigenous wisdom, religious dialogue, and care of Mother Earth. What they most value of themselves is their ability to answer to the hopes of people, and the acceptance and confidence that the people of the agricultural sector of Paraguay have given to them. One of their projects is to implement Pastoral Orchards in the gardens of places of worship.

Promote and strengthen the respect for rural community development through trainings, creation of cultural centers and agricultural schools among others.

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Silvio Torres Chavez

M.Auxiliadora 75 y Lapachal 1

(595) 21981-454 193

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