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Rural Organization of Awareness Development Services – ROADS

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PURPOSE: To train health and education, youth, women, students and social activists to be bridge builders to promote peace 

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Traditions: Islam, Christian, Hindu

Action Area: Community Building, Environment, Health and Social Services, Indigenous Peoples, Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Women, Youth

Region: Asia

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ROADS NGO has been operating in Telangana for the past 10 years among women, and through them, in unity among the population of various religions. It provides training in health and education, and works with youth, women, students and social activists so that they become bridge-builders committed to promoting peace and harmony among Hindus, Muslims and Christians. They hope that through their work, they will remove the bias and prejudices of masses among and about different religious communities in urban and rural areas. They believe interfaith bridge-building is very much needed as generations change and new generations take over society. With the conviction that yesterday’s child is today’s youth and today’s youth is tomorrow’s senior citizen, they build interfaith cooperation as a continuous process to educate the newer generations for peace and unity. Among their most memorable activities, they have training programs on capacity building and perspective building among various sections of the communities, with a special focus on children, youth and women. We have formed women’s self-help groups, involving women from all faiths to promote unity and harmony.

VALUE: Our group is diversified and work for the upliftment of various communities in the region for building peace and harmony

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Mr. Balaiah Puligilla

H No. 2-40 Villa Muthireddygudem, Post Baswapur, Mdl
Yadadri Bhongir. Dist. Telangana

(91) 8885971977

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