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Rural Development Ministries (RUDEMI)

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20 + Members

Traditions: Baha’i, Islam, Christian

Action Area: Interfaith and Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation

Region: Africa

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Rural Development Ministries is a registered non-governmental organization that was legally registered in 1996. The main national office is in the County of Vihiga of Western Kenya. Their objectives are focused on whole-heartedly service to humanity. The organization is faith-based, with a focus on spiritual, social and economic development. The group is composed of Christians, Muslims, Baha’i and Hindus bringing peace in the world and sustaining God´s kingdom. They create projects that will generate income for helping low-income communities with their basic needs (e.g. food, clothes and shelter). They assist in building capacity of the people in their community so that they may be spiritually, mentally and physically fit.

to bring peace in the world by spreading the word of God

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Rev. Simon L. Muhindi

POBox Maragoli
Mbale Westan

254 (0)723904784

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