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SYNC for Harmony CC spreads the Gaia’s call for Simultaneity of Prayers and Subtle Activities. They address believers and nonbelievers obliging, thoughtful Spiritual/Religious World Traditions. The people who do tuning Subtle Activities (prayers etc.) to Sync count more than 11,000  in  all Gaia Family and expand each day in terms of postings. Members hope that “Sync for Harmony” will contribute to a global habit of conscious simultaneous performance of millions of subtle activities (prayers/meditations etc.). It starts with grass roots believers who pray regularly. It may be that, over time, this will become regular around the clock and a life sanctuary will develop. People taking part in synchronized SA’s (prayers/meditations) take inner stance to care of World peace, committed to respect for diversity, nonviolent resolution of conflict and social, political, economic and environmental justice.

The CC “Sync for Harmony” brings a new path for the rapprochement and coherence among different faith communities.

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Prof. Dr Tomasz Sluszkiewicz

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February 9, 2017 7:22 PM

A Call for Global-Prayer Sync

Let us gather together those vast, powerful prayer resources into one stream of synced spiritual effort. Rooted in peace, let us march towards a virtual “Life Sanctuary” for the good of all.


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SYNC for Harmony