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Traditions: African Traditional, Christian, Islam

Action Area: Environment, Health and Social Services, Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Women, Youth

Region: Africa


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YouthLead Africa is a Ghana-based, registered national Non-Governmental Organization on a mission to inspire and empower young people to bring about change in Africa. The organization conducts training and activities on: youth leadership development, peace building among young people, skill development and economic empowerment. The Cooperation Circle founders believe that youth is critical for building this future of Africa and that young men and women are not being given the needed attention in terms of education, leadership coaching and space to participate in governance. Rather, they are often mobilized as agents of conflict and violence creation. The leaders therefore decided to form the organization to inspire and empower youth people to lead this change process; to become agents of development by promoting youth participation in decision making, youth education, and healthy lifestyles and climate change prevention activities. They believe that interfaith dialogue is necessary in promoting peace. They value different religious orientations in their Youth for Peace programs. They do not discriminate but respect, promote and protect the rights of persons from different religious backgrounds in their decision making and implementation processes.


Interfaith bridge building,a promising strategy to bring about development.

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Mr. John Obuaba

Somanya Accra Road
Somanya , Yilo Krobo Municipal, Eastern Region

(233) 244047692

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