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Youth Partners for Development and Peace CC

Youth Partners for Development and Peace CC
Label: Cooperation Circle Info

13 Members

Traditions: Buddhist, Islam, Christian

Action Area: Peacebuilding and Conflict Transformation, Youth

Region: Southeast Asia and the Pacific

Website: http://youthpartners.org/

Label: Purpose & Activities

Youth Partners for Development and Peace (YPDP) is a youth led-national, non-profit and non-political organization, was established on January 01, 2009 by a group of dynamic young people from different religions such as Buddhism, Muslim and Christians who passionate to share their knowledge and experience to educate, encourage and empower other youth within all practical skill and competencies to build a positive change of their society and the world. YPDP is an incorporated as a cooperation circle of United Religion Initiative (URI) which is a global grassroots interfaith network that cultivates peace and justice by engaging people to bridge religious and cultural differences and work together for the good of their communities and the world.

Vision: People live in harmony, peace, and equity as they actively participate in the development of their communities and the world.

Mission: To empower youth to participate in building a healthy society through education, leadership, training and capacity building. To prepare youth become potential future leaders in their communities and the world.

Our Objectives

1) To empower youth to became productive citizen of the community and improve their education, welfare and personal development.

2) To work to empower individual, families and communities to fulfill their rights, capacity and networking through professional training, dialogue and life success sharing.

3) To strengthen the collaboration between communities, government and the civil society.

4) To promote culture awareness, particularly, promote youth empowerment, employment, solidarity, peace, diversity, beliefs, and safe environment.

5) To build solidarity, peace, and unity among people with different beliefs and religions to end violence in society and the world.

6) To promote MDG through training, camping, campaign and other social participation.

Core Values

·      Solidarity

·      Team Work

·      Gender Equality

·      Good Governance

·      Transparency and Accountability

·      Collaboration and Partnerships

We dream of preparing youth to be leaders and building good partnerships for future generations.

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Mr. Sok Sidon

#94, Sensam Kosal I, Sang Boeung Tompun,
Khan Meanchey,

+ (855) 12 688 706

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