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The Youth With A Vision

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Please visit our website! www.youthinkenya.org

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49 Members

Traditions: Christian, Indigenous , Islam

Action Area: Health and Social Services, Youth

Region: Africa

Website: http://www.youthinkenya.org

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This community organization was founded in 2002 by inter-university students from different religions and tribes. Their great strength is that they go beyond tribal and religious barriers, which is a major challenge in Kenya. They carry out programs for young people about education, the environment, health care, the alleviation of poverty, and security. They move around in schools assisting teachers and pupils, particularly in the area of science where motivation is lacking. They want to create an international network of facilitators to generate ideas on the best way to fulfill the vast demands for their work. This group consists of Muslims, Christians and Indigenous traditions. 

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We empower and motivate young people through education and intercultural training.

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Chairperson George Mutini Mbata

Kenyatta Avenue

+254 722991551

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