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September 11, 2016, 8:38 PM

Weekly Shot: Facundo Cabral Festival Finale

Weekly Shot: Facundo Cabral Festival Finale

URI Latin America and the Caribbean is proud to announce the winner of the first Facundo Cabral International Music Festival, Gerardo Ochoa from Mexico, who won for his song “Canción viva”. The festival has been a dream for the regional staff for years, inspired by the legendary musician and peace activist Facundo Cabral. Music is a universal language, and an invaluable medium for peace and understanding. The 46 singers and composers from six countries who participated in the festival wrote original songs on the theme of peace. The original idea was based on using the artistry and creativity of songwriters to educate people about peace, respect for diversity, peaceful coexistence, and the importance of love and reconciliation. 

URI LAC thanks everyone who participated in and supported the festival, and is looking forward to planning the 2017 edition!

For the history of the festival, read more here

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