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October 03, 2016, 2:32 PM

MIR CC Spring Celebration

MIR CC Spring Celebration

Here in Rio de Janeiro on September 22nd, 2016, in celebration of the Spring Equinox, we had a beautiful ritual at the Cumig Nowa Native Traditions Center which is coordinated by Athamis Barbara Barbosa. This center is one of MIR CC's partners. We thanked the winter that was gone to welcome the spring.

Athamis led a beautiful ceremony where we smoked the special nine herbs pipe from the Tradition Ojibway. We drank Spring Floral, and, in circle, we sang and danced with drums to the Native Songs: Song for Water and Song of Rosemary, in honor of the children. We also had the ribbon mast and the flower arrangements to decorate ourselves and then we interweaved our colorful ribbons and "planted" our dreams to have a beautiful harvest! We ended with a tasty meal and a simple gift: each person took seedlings that were prepared with love by members of Nowa Cumig. Good and Fragrant Spring for Peace to ALL!!!

Athamis Barbara Barbosa quoted observations about the spring and the importance of this celebration. She shared how important is the change of seasons, because it happens also within us. It has a great effect on our moods, on our health, and many other things. In Shamanism, there is the joy of saying goodbye to a season and opening our hearts for the new season that is coming. Doing this in community with songs, dances and a shared meal brings the joy of being in a spiritual family.

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