URI Welcomes 8 New Cooperation Circles in May 2018

10 May 2018, 5:35 PM

Please give a warm welcome to the latest groups to join the global URI network. Learn more about these groups, called Cooperation Circles, here.

Bangladesh Cultural Research Center CC (Chittagong, Bangladesh)

PURPOSE: To promote and raise awareness among all classes of people across society to know their culture, value, tradition, identity and, above all, civilization to sustain a self-reliant and peaceful society.

The group's 21 members include followers of Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, and indigenous traditions.

Global Green Bangladesh CC (Dakha, Bangladesh)

PURPOSE: To foster humanity through sharing knowledge and experience, and by developing philosophical excellence to act on social justice, equality, and the protection of the natural environment in the inter-faith community.

The group's 49 members include followers of Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, and Christian traditions.

My-Beautiful-Life (Gulshan, Bangladesh)

PURPOSE: To help individuals and communities learn and practice the best human values, and to serve distressed people in society to maintain peace and harmony. 

The group's 200 members include followers of Islamic, Hindu, Christian, and Humanist traditions.

Northern Society Uttor Bongio Samaj (Dakha, Bangladesh)

PURPOSE: To promote interfaith and interreligious harmony.

The group's 66 members include followers of Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, and Christian traditions.

Indian Peace Circle (Kolkata, India)

PURPOSE: To promote interfaith cooperation in the protection of our common environment and preservation of our ecosystem for successive generations.

The group's 30 members include followers of Hindu, Muslim, and Christian traditions.

Youth for Human Rights Pakistan (Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan)

PURPOSE: To promote the messages of human rights, dignity and respect for people of all nations, and creating cooperation and peace.

The group's 35 members include followers of Christian Catholic, Christian Protestant, Muslim Sunni, and Muslim Shia traditions.

The Association of Egyptian Female Lawyers - AEFL (Giza, Egypt)

PURPOSE:  To focus on women’s rights, and to provide legal support and aid for women in addition to enabling them economically, socially, and politically.

The group's 96 members include followers of Muslim, Sunni, Salafi, and Christian Catholic and Orthodox traditions.

Global Peace without Borders (URI Multiregion, based in Riffa, Bahrain)

PURPOSE: To achieve freedom, peace, security, and respect for human rights within the framework of the new development that will build on the Millennium Development Goals, and work to help communities reach the peace that prevails.

The group's 32 members include followers of Unitarian Universalist, Jewish, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim Sunni, Muslim Shiite, and Bahai traditions.