15 August 2012, 11:10 PM
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The state of Jharkhand - a state with rich in minerals and abundance of natural resources, at the same time environmental degradation due to extracting of mining, natural resources companies causing a bigger affect to the tribal communities in the state. For a longest time deforestation became a major issues. Tribal movement for Jal, Jamin and Jungle ( water, Land, Forest) becoming very vibrant and prominent in the state. In this time URI CCs are working at a very grassroots levels to address such issues especially with the tribal communities and engaging school children to save their nature and trees that they sustain on. On 9th August the international Indigenous day, we started our journey to reaching various villages with truck loads of local valuable plants to distribute among the school children whoc would participate in plating them all around the respective villages. The goal is to plant 10,000 plants engaging 10 schools. Starting on the 9th we finished our plantation on the 15th August, Indian Independence day.

We have given responsibilities to the local school to monitor the growth of the plants and Mr. Biswadeb Chakraborty , our regional incharge was present on the first day of our program, who announces that the school will have highest percentage of growing plants will be awarded, which inspired local schools to monitor a better way.

Mr. Fagu Sing Munda, a tribal leader and coordinator of Birsa Munda CC  helped to coordinate the program at various villages with the help of local tribal leaders. Biswadeb Ji was very happy to take lunch with the Munda Family, He said that "this is a lifetime experience for me to eat food with a tribal family at a very deep rural tribal village"

So successfully we finished planting 10,000 valuable plants, and wish to continue to save nature.

in Peace

Gopinath Ghosh - Ranchi Peace Cirlce


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