Sharing knowledge helps us make informed decisions that benefit us all.
Schoolchildren at a wooden desk

Harmful stereotypes that fuel tensions between religious groups are usually rooted in ignorance, and the desperation of poverty often catalyzes violent outbreaks. Therefore, URI Cooperation Circles work to educate people to create safer, more peaceful communities.

Examples of our work in this Action Area:

  • Escuela de Amor CC has been visiting a Catholic school in Buenos Aires, Argentina for more than fifteen years, answering students’ questions about their different religions to prepare them for encountering interfaith colleagues in university and work life.
  • When a USA school board wanted to ban a book about Islam, the Women's Interfaith Network spoke eloquently on peace, tolerance and understanding, resulting in a unanimous vote to keep the book in the school system.
  • Cultural Infusion empowers young Australians by helping them use cultural and artistic expression to promote social cohesion.
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URI North India & Afghanistan - Celebrating Peace

“The world is now too small for anything but brotherhood.” - Arthur Powell


With this shared vision, the United Religions Initiative was founded nineteen years ago. The true essence of peace lies only in togetherness and kinship. In order to establish world peace, it is imperative to ensure that it transcends across religions, cultures, languages, and borders. Following such ideals, we, at URI North India and Afghanistan, have celebrated peace in diversified ways and with people from different walks of life.