CC Leader Receives Person of the Year Recognition

28 January 2015, 11:00 PM

Rosalia Gutierrez, Of The Indigenous People of Argentina Cooperation Circle leader, received a great honor from Argentinean daily newspaper Cronica.  She was named one of Cronica’s People of the Year for 2014, recognized for her work with indigenous groups in the region. She is pictured in the center of the first row in the group photo above, with the URI banner resting on her lap.



The excerpt below was taken from Cronica’s special edition print, released on December 23rd, 2014:


We gathered a group that represents millions of Argentineans. In silence, they are part of moving life stories – with dreams for building a better society.

They are not looking for recognition or fame. They went after an ideal, and they achieved it.


Rosalia is the representative of the indigenous people. "With our culture, our identity we are reaching schools and workshops to share de great wisdom left to us by our ancestors," she says. "We are looking for dialogue and understanding through mutual respect in all sectors." Rosalia’s work puts into motion what Article 75 Subsection 17 of the Argentine National Constitution says about recognizing the ethnic and cultural preexistence of the indigenous Argentine people; guaranteeing the respect to indigenous identity and the right for a bilingual and intercultural education; recognizing the legal status of indigenous communities and the possession of the lands that they traditionally occupy; adding other apt and enough for human development; none of them being alienable, transferable or susceptible to encumbrances or liens; securing indigenous participation in the management of natural resources and other interests.




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