URI Welcomes 97th Country

23 January 2017, 4:10 AM

Map: David Liuzzo, via Wikicommons

As we welcome the Kosovo Center for Dialogue to the worldwide family of URI Cooperation Circles this month, we not only welcome seven new people to further URI’s global reach -- we also welcome a whole new country! With the addition of Kosovo, URI now has active members working for peace in 97 countries around the world.

The Kosovo Center for Dialogue is a new organization that intends to create bridges between all religious communities, but particularly among the religious communities of monotheistic faiths. They focus their work on building bridges among Muslims, Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants and Jewish people. This is especially important in the area within Kosovo where the Cooperation Circle is located, because people there are struggling with a lot of political and social issues.

As members of URI, they want to “continue spreading peace, awareness, tolerance and good relations among all religious and ethnic communities in Kosovo and on the Balkans. In this way, we want to give our contribution in building a better future for everyone.” 

Cooperation Circles Involved

Kosovo Center of Peace

“Our purpose is to support actively and effectively intercultural and interethnic dialogue processes at local, national and international levels.”