Experiences from the Women's March

24 January 2017, 3:39 AM

Members of the United Religions Initiative, a global grassroots interfaith peacebuilding movement, marched together in Washington, D.C. and at sister marches in members in cities across the U.S. See URI North America's listing of photos and stories from Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, CA, Walnut Creek, CA, Wiregrass, GA, Kaua'i, HI, Las Vegas, NV, Jonesborough, TN, Houston, TX, and more.

Read this Huffington Post story about the march, featuring two members of the URI community: Linda L. Crawford, Executive Director of the Interfaith Center at the Presidio (a URI Cooperation Circle in CA, USA), and Dhumavati Jaya of Kashi Foundation (a URI Cooperation Circle in FL, USA).

A few more stories from the URI community are below:


Early Friday morning, a friend and I hopped a train for DC from Burlington, North Carolina. At Durham, hundreds of women lined up ready to board the train. Tears welled up. Feeling the surge of feminine people power was amazing! Arriving in DC at 4:00 pm Inauguration Day... the streets around the Capitol were deserted. It was an ominous feeling. Early on Saturday, we headed to the rally.

There were waves and waves of people; pink hats, scarves, and signs were everywhere. Rivers of people (older women, and people of all kinds) came and came and came. I met up with my daughter, stepdaughter, granddaughter and friends. Just showing up, holding our banner high, and HONESTY felt so good! 

Chants like, "This is what democracy looks like" ignited around us. There were so many people, lots of women, all citizens, resolute, loving, united, caring, one to another. The speeches were good, but being in swarms of citizens, with tons of creative signs held high, felt like a tipping point for political power as we know it, for women and for humanity. Yes, it also felt like just a beginning - work, lots more citizen action and participation in what matters to us, lies ahead.   

Now, later, to see pictures of the oceans of pink hats and banners from all over the world - makes me cry again and again. I’m not sure where we are headed, but I feel reassured that we are a global community, and we have a good chance to get there together. 

Some of my favorite signs were: "Facts Exist" and "We are women; you screw with us, we multiply."

- Sally Mahé, URI Director of Global Programs and Organizational Development


Julia Jameson, ED of Southern Nevada Interfaith Council, URI Cooperation Circle, with her mom, Florence, Fawn Douglas, Paiute, and Chloe Copperfield... with 15,000 others who let their voice be heard about the rights of women, the earth and the marginalized!


We marched with our family of three generations and members from our congregation. Although the weather was very storming and raining, it did not matter, we all felt so united with one voice of Love, Peace and Bliss-Anandam. We are all one and stand together for wellbeing of humanity. I have lots of videos and photos at my Facebook pages here and here.

Satya Kalra, Founder of Path to Anandam™


Today in DC, a group of URI members will gather to march for Women's Rights. They expect 200,000 people to be here. In cities and town, across the US and world, there will be sister marches and many URI members will join them there. Today we raise our voice to say, "Women's rights are human rights and human rights are Women's rights." 

I'm on the train in DC now and it is filled to capacity with WOMEN. Strong, powerful, beautiful, determined women of all ages (babies and grandmas), races and spiritual traditions. And it gives me chills.  

Wherever you are in the world, please join us in prayer and meditation for a safe, peaceful and successful March.

Rooted in our URI principles of equality, we carry all of you with us! 

In Peace, 

Sari Heidenreich
URI North America Regional Coordinator 


Wonderful! God bless you and all whom you are marching with, dear Sari. Our love is with you.

Swamini Adityananda Parmarth 



We, in the Wiregrass Community of Southeast Alabama, will be marching in solidarity with you and our sisters today in Washington, all over the country, and the world.

May our hearts be as one!

In Peace and In Love,

Audri Scott Williams



We are also marching today at various locations in the UK in tune with 'Women's rights are human rights and human rights are Women's rights'. Prayers for successful and peaceful marches around the world.

Best wishes, 

Kiran Bali MBE JP  -  Global Council Chair


We're with you in spirit.

Biff Barnard,

Director of Institutional Advancement



We and our prayers are with you for the success of this effort of human rights. 

Best wishes,

Asad Yameen


Yes, Today, we are marching in Walnut Creek, CA too. Love.


Warm Regards,

Satya Kalra
Founder of Path to Anandam™



Sending love and support to all the URI marchers.  I know Freddie is there representing the WIN URI.  May you all march safely with strength and peace in every step.  

Blessings and love,

Elana Rozenman

Executive Director, TRUST – Emun

Global Trustee - Multiregion



Little Kauai Interfaith CC has representatives standing with about 300 women, and some men, so far. Looking forward to the joining.

My poster is "beyond ‘isms’” - Using “isms” to categorize people means that we pre-judge them without even getting to know them. How is that possible? “isms” are stories handed down and repeated like a game of “telephone”. Fact: Both men and women at different ages and from different religions can excel in the same tasks.

Peace and good will to all,

Annaleah Atkinson, Kaua’i Interfaith CC



We stand with you and pray for you during this time of violation of Women's Human Rights and the will of the people.

May God protect all of you throughout the country.

May Peace Prevail on Earth.

Paul Bulamu, IYPA

Cooperation Circles Involved