Giving Refugee Children Their First School

22 February 2017, 3:52 AM
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In honoring the World Interfaith Harmony Week, the URI Middle East and North Africa (MENA) office provided hope to the children of Syrian refugees by providing them with a portable classroom.

URI MENA Office, in cooperation with Fundacja Spolecznie Bezpieczni, Poland, provided a Syrian refugee camp with a portable classroom and school stationery. The portable classroom, which was donated by Fundacja Spolecznie Bezpieczni, was arranged with the necessary furniture (tables, chairs, whiteboards, decorations, footballs, etc.) to be used as a small school for children. All the children we met at the refugee camp had never been in school, since the older ones (4-11 years old) fled with their families about five years ago from the violence in Syria. The younger ones were born in this refugee camp.


Words cannot describe how happy the children were; the smiles never left their faces. The URI Regional Coordinator delivered a small speech about World Interfaith Harmony Week and the important of school and education in building our future. Also, he shared the translation of the below message from Fundacja Spolecznie Bezpieczni to the children and their families:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We, the people of Gdansk, live in a country which suffered once from a similar disaster as you. Our fathers had to run from their own land. That is why we know that there are no words which can describe your tragedy.

Even if we are divided by thousands of kilometers, we are very similar.

We are, just like you, fathers and mothers, and just like you, we want to our children have a better life.

Because we are normal, ordinary people, we don’t have any impact on big politics and international issues. But what we can do is to help you as much as we can. Today we want to give you this mobile school, so at least your children can start a better future.

We believe that one day you will have the chance to go back to your own country, to reclaim your own land, so you can rebuild again your homes and create a safe world for you and your families.

Years ago, our fathers did it. You will do it as well.

Let the God have mercy on you.

Citizens of Gdansk

URI folks from Quested Peace Cooperation Circle and Mercy Cooperation Circle spent a pleasant time with more than 35 children, playing games, listening to their stories, providing advice, etc. Also, we distributed clothes and blankets to families. We will keep in touch with this camp; we will check on their needs from time to time. Also, some URI members will volunteer to provide English language classes to these children.

URI MENA thanks its partner "Fundacja Spolecznie Bezpieczni" for its generous contribution to the success of this activity, as they covered 90% of the cost of this event.

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