News from URI North America

27 May 2017, 3:08 AM
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The Arizona Faith Network joins with local imams, rabbis, and Christian judicatory leaders to build bridges of trust and understanding and pray with one another.

As we welcome the newness of spring, we also welcome a new member into the URI family -- the first Cooperation Circle in New Hampshire. New horizons were also opened to us this month when technology enabled us to learn directly from peacebuilders from Europe, Africa, and South America. And, as grassroots activists continue to build peace in dozens of communities across the continent, we are proud to stand beside and support their incredible work.

More highlights:

  • Interfaith cooperation in North America is hardly limited to the Abrahamic traditions: read this profile of Jain, Sikh, and Buddhist interfaith leaders
  • After wave of bomb threats, interfaith groups take action against anti-Semitism¬†
  • URI members attend conference of Religion Communicators Council
  • From coast to coast, neighbors find common ground during World Interfaith Harmony Week
  • US-based URI member offers participatory trip to India, including visits to URI members
  • URI stands alongside faith leaders at a press conference on refugees and immigration in front of the White House
  • Chief Arvol Looking Horse called for collective prayer ahead of the Standing Rock camp removals

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