Prafull Oorja: Melodies & Meditations for IDP

25 September 2017, 5:56 PM
People watching someone play guiatar

Sep 25, 2017. 

Melodies and Meditation was organized in honour of the UN IDP by Prafull Oorja Charitable Foundation at Lahe Lahe in Bangalore, India. The evening started with a lot of buzz at the venue with all the staff members and volunteers decorating and setting up the venue, the band members setting up the stage and their instruments. All the guests were welcomed and requested to register themselves and be seated. The event started with a brief introduction to our organization, Prafull Oorja by our founder, Sowmya Ayyar followed by welcoming our chief guest for the evening, Fareena Maria. She is the Co-founder and CEO of a software company in Bangalore and is also actively involved with the United Religions Initiative (URI), Indian Foundation for Global Peace Education (IFGPE) and International Association for Religious freedom (IARF). In her speech Fareena introduced the URI to the guests and spoke about the significance of the IDP and how it is celebrated globally. Post this our magic musicians were introduced and we started the event. The band members created melodies that touched the souls of our guests and brought about immense peace, love and appreciation in our hearsts. Songs that praised the divine and promoted peace, harmony, togetherness and tolerance amongst different religions were sung. Beautiful pieces of flute music were interjected and we also meditated as a group for world peace.    

Our chief guest and the band members were honoured with love and appreciation by gifting them hand made items made by our special needs children and women. 

The evening concluded with all the guests being invited to have an organic and healthy dinner together.  


Lessons learnt: 

  • Promote the event more on social media and through word of mouth to have more guests at the event 

  • Ensure the venue does not have events that run over time prior to our event to avoid last minute rush and chaos