URI Welcomes Four New Cooperation Circles in December

26 December 2017, 1:56 PM

Secular Youth Foundation, Bangladesh (Bangladesh, Asia)

Secular Youth Foundation has been working since 2005. They believe the present situation in the country needs urgent attention towards mutual respect and bonding "because relationships are often troublesome, and there are many news of communal clashes making people stay apart from each other led by fear and mistrust." Their plan is to open doors for the youth to learn global issues to solve local challenges. They believe that no youth should be engaged in drugs and crime; rather, they must live a peaceful, exuberant life. They think their work will also help overcome discrimination.

Asociación Melirrewe Mogen (Chile, Latin America and the Caribbean)

This group was formed by an association of Machis (healing women) of Temuco, as well as men. Members represent a community of people that work for the healing of the body and the spirit, supporting this action with ritual songs, dances and sacred instruments. They run a Mapuche Ceremonial Center. Among their highlights, the group conducts ancestral medicine seminars, traditional games, and medical rounds. They also work with children, and collaborate with the Medical School of Chile.

Canampalla CC (Peru, Latin America and the Caribbean)

This group is made up of 20 members including Catholics, Evangelicals, and Jews. They meet frequently to exchange ideas about the different religions. They have common interests, including: the respect for Mother Earth, education in values, and community work.

Spiritual Paths Foundation (URI Multiregion, based in USA)

The Spiritual Paths Foundation helps each individual to develop a personal spiritual path and meditative practice through books, online courses, videos, multi-day retreats, mentor training and individual mentoring. Since 2002, they have brought together more than 40 esteemed teachers from many spiritual and meditative traditions to share their wisdom, experiences and methods for cultivating the qualities required for profound individual and societal transformation.