Umang: July-September 2017 Issue

3 January 2018, 3:51 PM
Umang: July-September 2017 Issue

Asher Nazir, Executive Secretary of URI Pakistan, shares the latest issue of the Umang newsletter (July-September 2017 issue).

(Scroll to the end of the .PDF file for the English translation.)

Highlights include:

  • A URI Pakistan member shares learnings from an interfaith scholarship opportunity in Rome, where she met Pope Francis and deepened her understanding of world religions.
  • Father James Channan and other URI Pakistan members take part in a workshop aimed at countering violent extremism
  • The Peace Center organizes youth seminars for minority youth in Pakistan.
  • Joy Foundation organizes youth trainings on peace, safety, and respect for all.

Read the full issue in the .PDF below.

Umang - Joy Foundation works with high schoolers

Joy Foundation works with high schoolers on peace and dignity training (read the full story in the .PDF file above)

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