MIMAMO Update: Girls Not Brides Campaign and Engaging Youth in Mbetazigone Community

19 April 2018, 7:57 PM
Cover photo of a group of people

Children without education in Mbetazigone. They can marry at any time as soon as they undergo traditional rites.

On 22nd October 2017, MIMAMO made a visit to Mbetazigone community, where the first projected projects are to take place. This was soon after returning from the URI Assembly for CC leaders and youth leaders, which took place in Malawi in early October. The visit was possible with support from the Catholic University of Mozambique- Lichinga Extension as one of our local partners who offered a school bus for travel to the village.


  1. To inform about MIMAMO project developments

  2. To awaken and maintain the confidence of the community

  3. To launch the Girls Not Brides Campaign

  4. To give feedback on the Youth Seminar which was held in Blantyre, Malawi by URI coordinator Karen Berensche

MIMAMO Developments

The community was informed that the process of getting an NGO certificate is at an advanced stage in Maputo. The process has been delayed because the National Directorate for Religious Affairs in Maputo recommended that we make some corrections on our application. The team corrected the document accordingly and sent it back to Maputo for the finalization of the certificate.

The Land Title Deed (DUAT) awaits the certificate to finalize its process as well. In addition, MIMAMO CC informed the community that it now has a bank account in local and foreign currency. Having the bank account and the land will enable MIMAMO to seek help for the proposed projects for interfaith community development.

Photo of a woman speaking

Neema addressing the community on the Girls on Brides issue in Mbetazigone


This is a national problem now. The government, NGOs and civil society are well aware of this problem and working on the law, which will protect children and deny early marriages. Statistics show that this problem is becoming worse; in places such as Sofala, Gaza, and Nampula the problem is growing at an alarming rate. Mbetazigone village is not an exception. It appears to be far worse because they do not have even a primary school where girls can go and learn. It is against this background that MIMAMO is taking up the challenge by launching this campaign where parents should deny early marriages and make sure that the girls go to school. MIMAMO is working towards mobilizing resources for construction of a primary school to begin with, based on the community needs. It will be difficult for Mbetazigone to effect a successful campaign without a school. The school is an urgent need.

Photo of a man talking to a group

Edgar Welo delivering to the Mbetazigone community what he learned from the URI workshop held in Malawi


Edgar had a chance to present to the community on what they had learned from the Assembly in Malawi they participated in. He said that the youth should be organised and write their needs and the activities they want to do in the form of projects. In so doing they will be able to both locally and internationally mobilize resources needed for the projects. He pointed out that the youth appear hopeless because they are not organised and they do not have their ideas put together according to their needs, activities and projects. Edgar made another trip two weeks later to meet the youth and outline their plans for the year to come.


On our arrival, the community was very happy and expectant to hear about MIMAMO project developments. From the visit experience, the community is still hopeful that eventually the projects will one day become a reality and urged MIMAMO to work tirelessly to mobilize resources. The message delivered by Edgar attracted the youth, who are looking forward to working on the issues presented to them. As far as the Girls Not Brides Launch, its success depends on the availability of resources and constructing a school as quick as possible.

Photo of a group of people

Edgar Welo and Chikondi Kwagwanji explaining their objectives for the youth in front of the Mbetazigone Village Headman

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