What You Can Do for Earth Day

24 April 2018, 11:15 AM
What You Can Do for Earth Day
This weekend, Sunday, April 22, was Earth Day, a chance to celebrate this beautiful planet we call home, a chance to gather with others who care about our Earth and find ways to be in service to her, and to take stock of our own actions to see how we can lessen our own personal impact on a world reeling from the influence of our human species.
Science tells us that the choices we all make every day and hundreds of times a year about what to put on our plates and into our stomachs has a huge impact on the earth and is a decision that deserves our attention. As a member of Compassion for All Living Beings Cooperation Circle, I'd like to offer the invitation to consider this and make the choice to transition to a more plant-based diet. There are many resources online, and our Cooperation Circle would be more than happy to offer help and suggestions. (And if this is an area you are already passionate about, join us!)
Did you know?
For more information, please see: Here’s How to Eat to Save the Planet
And for help getting started: Going Green with Plant-Based Cuisine
Happy Earth Day!

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