The Weekly Shot: Teaching Peacebuilding Skills in Argentina

26 April 2018, 4:27 PM
The Weekly Shot: Teaching Peacebuilding Skills in Argentina

In Argentina, where there is a wide majority of Christians, URI is serving the community through building intercultural and interreligious understanding and dialogue. (“Interfaith/Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue” is one of URI’s Action Areas, which describe the methods by which members foster peace in communities around the world.)

Bridge Builders and Escuela de Amor, two URI Cooperation Circles in Buenos Aires, Argentina, have a long history of working with local youth. Cooperation Circle members engage with students of different ages, at schools in different faith communities and non-religious schools, using different methodologies such as panels, the World Café Workshop, and Appreciative Inquiry to foster interest and appreciation of diversity in students. This has proved very effective in preparing them for their universities and careers, when there are more opportunities for interaction with people who come from backgrounds different from their own.

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