Op-Ed: To Lead Millennials, Come Along Side Them

10 July 2018, 11:10 AM
Youth leaders at Parliament 2015

Millennial URI members lead a discussion at the 2015 Parliament of the World's Religions.

URI has established a partnership relationship with Launching Leaders through its sister organization, Religious Freedom and Business Foundation. Launching Leaders is working with URI’s Global Envoy and Regional Director of URI in Africa, Mussie Hailu, to provide young leaders in URI Cooperation Circles in Eastern Africa with personal development and leadership courses powered by faith.

Launching Leaders Co-Founder Steve Hitz has created an insightful Op-Ed article discussing a positive approach to engaging younger generations of leaders.

To Lead Millennials, Come Along Side Them

If one makes an effort to learn the language of the new generations, a bridge can be built for mutual understanding. So I propose that we not try to “fix” them by pushing, pulling or forcing them. Rather, let’s come along side them.

Millennials (20-30 somethings) are often criticized by older generations as being entitled, lazy and self-absorbed. Boomers, like myself, are known to castigate them for pushing against the status quo and tradition. Indeed many in the rising generations push hard against hierarchy. But they also yearn to do something that makes a difference. They pride themselves on being nonjudgmental, and many simply don’t want to be hemmed in. They want to create their own future.

Wouldn’t it be well for older folks to stop and consider what younger generations bring to humanity? If we took the time to better understand their hearts and stopped mischaracterizing, we would likely applaud many principles they embrace. The alternative is to continue being puzzled by them, or worse, calling them names. It may be wise to give ourselves a wakeup call and ask, who raised them?

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