Ideas and Inspirations for the International Day of Peace - Post 1

19 July 2018, 10:27 PM

Paths to Trust

Peace is built on trust. You can use these “paths to trust” to do a “trust check” for yourself, your Cooperation Circle, your family, and other groups. Are they part of your daily practice? Many thanks to the URI staff who developed this list in 2015.

Trust involves:

  1. Deep listening over time.
  2. Being present – others will know when you are preoccupied and not giving of your entire self.
  3. Patience – trust is not instant. It is built over time.
  4. Respect – respect gives value to others and allows them to feel fully engaged.
  5. Transparency – to be open about your decisions when you must make a decision unilaterally, and to be open about the decisions that your team is making.
  6. Following through on your commitments to the very best of your ability, no matter how difficult it may turn out to be.
  7. Being clear and firm – say what you mean and don’t waffle, waiver, or change your mind without serious deliberation. If you do change a decision, be clear about why.
  8. Appreciating the efforts of others – always take time to acknowledge the work of others often and publically.
  9. Participating in the celebrations of others – sharing cultural and spiritual moments develops understanding and friendship.
  10. Recognizing others as individuals – understanding one another as individuals is the first step in breaking down the cultural and spiritual barriers that separate us. It is impossible to apply stereotypes to friends and colleagues.
  11. Working for common goals – in working together on common goals, we can discover that diversity is a strength and an asset rather than an impediment.

In practicing the above, we "walk our talk," establish common ground and live into the Preamble, Principles and Purpose of the United Religions Initiative.


About this series:

Each year, hundreds of URI Cooperation Circles participate in the International Day of Peace (IDP). As a global community, we put organized global spirit and energy into action! Here are some beloved ideas and inspirations for peacebuilding. You can expect two issues of this series each week until September 21. Hope you love them too and find them useful!

See more posts in this series for more ideas about how to celebrate the International Day of Peace.

May Peace Prevail,