Sally Mahé


Senior Consultant

Sally Mahe, a founding staff person of URI, has held senior staff positions for over 20 years. Sally formerly served as URI Director of Organizational Development and Director of Global Programs, working primarily with regional staff across the world. As Senior Consultant, Sally is on-call for consultation and makes core URI values, practices and in-depth organizational wisdom available to the URI global community. Sally co-authored The Birth of a Global Community in 2003 and A Greater Democracy Day by Day. Sally holds Master's degrees from Harvard and the General Episcopal Seminary, New York. She lives in the Bay Area with her children and grandchildren nearby. Sally maintains the blog Every Voice, where she writes about the varied ways URI Cooperation Circle members all over the world give voice to URI and contribute to its success.

Sally maintains a weekly blog called Every Voice, where she presents thought-provoking quotes showing how people all over the world give voice to URI.

URI Stories

Sombreros in Siberia?

If our governments persist in pointing fingers of blame, escalating misinformation, and the threat of war, the people of USA and Russia must not follow along.

Moscow’s Metro – Culture on the Move

It’s difficult to fathom the impact that this kind of grandiose propaganda had upon the generations of Russians who took these subways every day. Today, Moscow’s primarily younger generation stream past me glued to their phones.


At this precarious moment, now is not the time to ask, "Can this kind of dramatic positive change happen," but to ask, "HOW to make it happen?"


At breakfast, a kundalini yoga instructor suggested I take the “Forest Trail.” She said, “it’s magical.”

Every Voice – Galina Ermolina

Galina Ermolina is remembered for her passion for Russia, her embrace of Bilik (a collection of spiritual traditions from the Altai region of Siberia), and her zest to build bridges of peace between Indigenous traditions and the religious traditions of East and West.