Ideas and Inspirations for the International Day of Peace - Post 2

24 July 2018, 3:02 PM

Join people of all faiths around the world who are praying this Universal Prayer for Peace each day. Say this prayer often and share at IDP gatherings.

Universal Prayer for Peace

Lead me from death to life,

from falsehood to truth.

Lead me from despair to hope,

from fear to trust,

Lead me from hate to love,

from war to peace.

Let peace fill our heart, our world, our universe.

Peace, peace, peace.

Adapted from the Upanishads by Satish Kumar.

Body movements to accompany Universal Prayer for Peace offered by St. Antony’s Priory.

About this series:

Each year, hundreds of URI Cooperation Circles participate in the International Day of Peace (IDP). As a global community, we put organized global spirit and energy into action! Here are some beloved ideas and inspirations for peacebuilding. You can expect two issues of this series each week until September 21. Hope you love them too and find them useful!

See more posts in this series for more ideas about how to celebrate the International Day of Peace.

May Peace Prevail,