Interfaith Youth Training in Faisalabad, Pakistan

17 July 2019, 1:22 PM

Christian, Muslim and Sikh youth gathered in Pakistan for a program about peacebuilding and harmony through interfaith dialogue, run by URI.

Interfaith Youth Training in Faisalabad, Pakistan

URI Pakistan organized a youth program with the title of “Peacebuilding and Harmony: Through Interfaith Dialogue” on 23rd June, 2019 at E-Library Hall Sport Complex Faisalabad.

In this youth program, 45 youth members participated from different universities and colleges. They came different religions, including Christian, Muslim and Sikh. URI Pakistan organized this youth program with the collaboration of Star Organization, WAKE Cooperation Circle, and COPE Pakistan Cooperation Circle.

After interfaith prayers, Mr. Taswar Younis Gill welcomed all participants, including URI regional staff Mr. Asher Nazir, Executive Secretary, and Sr. Sabina Rifat, Coordinator of URI Women Wing Pakistan. Mr. Taswar Younis invited Mr. Asher Nazir to introduce URI Pakistan. Mr. Asher Nazir thanked all participants that they came on time and expressed gratitude that the hall was full with youth. He said that first we should know about another, so an introduction of all participants is very important. After the introduction, through a media presentation, he shared the vision, mission and goal of URI - when, why, how, with, and where URI is working.

Read the full report and see more photos in the PDF below.

Cooperation Circles Involved