The Big Brother Society

Mentoring young boys and girls to foster a more inclusive and peaceful generation of Kenyan students
“Our purpose is to transform communities through motivation, mentorship, inspiration, training and provision of leadership responsive to societal needs.”
Christianity, Indigenous, Islam
Ethnic Groups
Number of Members
Great Lakes
Nairobi, Kenya
Joined URI Network

The Big Brother Society Cooperation Circle (CC) is comprised of former students of Starehe schools in Nairobi. A group of alumni of the two national schools formed this group with the purpose of mentoring voluntary service in Kenyan schools, both for primary and secondary students. Although there is a good representation of different religious groups in the area where CC members work, intolerance based on ethnicity and religious affiliation also exists. Additionally, they contribute to end this violence and restore mentoring better relationships. During their visits to schools and institutions, they offer lectures and workshops about leadership training for prefects and student leaders, time management, stress management, effective study skills, balancing between academics and extra-curriculum activities, purposeful living, unlocking one’s potential, self awareness, the making of a brand, the small things in life, communication skills, career guidance and counseling, laws of success as a student and life after school.


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