The Love Yourself Foundation

We seek to create cultures of peace and justice for humans and the Earth Community.
The Love Yourself Foundation (LYF) promotes self-love practices to help those searching for personal enhancement through the arts, sciences, literature and more. Through personal enrichment, LYF believes that the overall sustainability of humanity creates sustainability on a planetary level.
Fellowship of the Inner Light
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Las Vegas, NV, United States
Joined URI Network

The Love Yourself Foundation is still in its infancy. However, they have big dreams. They are beginning as an online platform promoting self-love practices to help those seeking personal enrichment through spirituality, arts, sciences and more. LYF’s primary focus is linking self-love practices to the love of the planet. By loving yourself, you will love others and the planet on a bigger scale. Through their online platform, they will provide resources to help people on their journey to uncovering their inner light. Once the online platform is in a more mature station, LYF’s goal is to create a campaign to educate and recruit college students to help spread the message of the organization. Eventually, LYF will be organizing wellness retreats, community service projects and more for teenagers and adults. LYF also wants to focus substantially on children and organize summer camps and other large-scale events for them. LYF hopes to partner with organizations throughout the world promoting love amongst groups of all walks of life. The outcome of their events is more solidarity among people that would otherwise not see eye-to-eye. By targeting children, they hope to instill peace, justice and love in young people in hopes for a more loving Earth in the future.

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