Nasolo Cooperation Circle

Bringing together different people to discuss issues of communal interest
"Our purpose is to bring change to discriminatory attitudes towards peoples of different religious and cultural backgrounds."
Spirituality, Islam, Christianity
Number of Members
Southern Africa
Blantyre, Malawi
Joined URI Network

Nasolo Cooperation Circle (CC) operates within its mandate to: share the word of God with a special focus on spiritual and physical healing of members of the community; support the elderly and orphaned children by providing food, shelter and clothing; and protect girls from harmful cultural practices, early pregnancies and school dropouts. CC members also promote conservation of the environment and natural resources.
Nasolo has brought together different people to discuss issues of communal interest, and has tried to find possible solutions as one society that perceives life beyond skin color, religion, ethnicity, tradition or social and economic status. Members plant trees in an attempt to address the effects of climate change, which has affected the nation in different ways including food insecurity.
As a member of URI, this CC plans to continue raising awareness about the importance of protecting albinos and engaging in interfaith prayers at least once every month. Members offer counseling services to the youth in the community as one way of dealing with the problems of excessive drinking and drug addiction


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