Sarva Jana Sukino Bhavandhu

May all beings everywhere be happy and free!
To facilitate and support movements and organizations for promoting humanity, harmony and peace.
Christianity, Islam, Hinduism
Number of Members
South India
Eri Scheme, Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
Joined URI Network

Sarva Jana Sukino Bhavandhu (SJSB) is an association of intellectual individuals promoting activities common to all religions. They strengthen friendships among people of diverse traditions through debates and dialogues among religious groups, focusing on arts, community building, education, environmental issues, and health and social service. Members believe that present trends in India are moving towards fractions on the bases of religions and cultures, so it is important for society to be organized to take the challenges and build harmony within the communities. They organize and conduct interfaith conferences to establish the forum as an important interfaith movement. They promote branches in colleges and high schools as deep routes to the interfaith movement. They also aim to preserve Indigenous cultures with their practices and traditional wisdom. The outcome of their program activities includes addressing political issues pertaining to leadership, empowerment, equity, representation, and reconciliation, moving towards a society which understands and respects other faiths and religions and is capable of countering religious intolerance.

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