Somalia Women Encouragement Center

To see our society diversity
“Our purpose is to educate Somalis in the prevention of gender difference and the meaning of diversity.”
Islam, Indigenous
Sufi, Shi'a
Number of Members
Horn & Other
Mogadishu, Karan District, Banadir, Somalia
Joined URI Network

Somali Women Encouragement Center (SOWEC) is a local center based in Somalia. It was established in 2015 by a group of intellectuals and scholars who identified needs and problems in a country with decades of unrest and civil wars. Members are providing a public service to women and children who are the most vulnerable groups in society because of the widespread poverty.
SOWEC is also a humanitarian center and is prepared to deliver an emergency response to manmade and natural disasters like drought and floods that may engulf humans, animals and farms. SOWEC provides aid through distribution of emergency food, water, medicine and shelter for the affected families that need help.
SOWEC is also offering consultation to widowed mothers in the countryside.

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