Women's International League for Peace and Freedom S.L.

Working together for human and community development, peace and justice enhancement for the realization of the general good.
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Bringing together women of different political beliefs and philosophies, who are united in their determination to study, make known and help abolish the causes and legitimization of war.
Number of Members
Western Africa
Freetown, Western Urban Sierra Leone, Sierra Leone
Joined URI Network

Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) branch in Sierra Leone was launched in August 2018 to work with all people, especially women of diverse backgrounds, to prevent and resolve conflicts and build peace at local, regional and international levels. Members work from a feminist perspective and promote human rights work for freedom, peace, dignity and prosperity of all in the society. They are engaged in peace and environment education in communities, schools and other institutions that support women, children and youth to help them realize their full potentials. From their small office in Freetown, members uplift women, children and youth above all odds in society and empower them to become active members of society in communication with WILPF in other countries. Among their memorable activities is the role members played as an interfaith group to bridge peace in communities during the March 2018 general elections that divided the country. They operated in hot-spot areas where it was very tough even for the police force to handle. This group has done a lot to bring peace and harmony in our communities.

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