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April 27, 2015, 11:47 AM

Prayers After the Nepal Earthquake

Prayers After the Nepal Earthquake

The Boudhanath Stupa in Kathmandu, which remains standing after the earthquake

After the weekend’s devastating earthquake tremors in Nepal and the surrounding areas, the URI family gathers together to send thoughts of prayers, sympathy, and love to those who lost family and friends in the tragedy.


Dear URI sisters and brothers, 

Tonight at the URI Europe Assembly in Bulgaria, upon hearing of the news of terrible tragedy in Nepal, we called upon the healing and loving spiritual powers in all of our traditions to hold the people of Nepal in care for those injured and comfort for the families of those who have lost loved ones. May all those affected know they are not alone and are loved by so many around the world.

In peace...

URI Executive Director Victor Kazanjian


Dear Friends,

More than 1500 people died in Nepal and about 40 killed across Bihar, U. P and West Bengal in the massive earthquake of 7.9 magnitude. Equal number of people are said to be injured. Several members of the mountaineering team in Everest also died in the aftermath. This is the most destructive of the high- intensity earthquakes occurred in Nepal in 81 years.

Let us all pray together for the suffering generations of Nepal and India at this time of trial.

Swami Chaturvedi and his team were on a peace mission in Nepal. I have been trying to contact them and failed.

Abraham Karickam, Regional Coordinator for URI Asia - India South Zone 

Update: The death toll in Nepal reached 5000 as per latest reports. People need immediate support from Govt and International Agencies. India, the U.S and Canada have extended great support. Hope others will follow. 

North India faced light tremors today again. 

It is a great relief to learn that Chaturvedi Swamiji and others are safe. 

Let us uphold all suffering people in our prayers. URI Asia Region express condolences to all bereaved families in Nepal and India.


My Dearest Sisters and Brothers:

We send love and prayers from the Agape International Spiritual Center to you and your families during this time of loss in Nepal. Our hearts are with you.

Despite the reports of a powerful earthquake which has collapsed homes and killed over 800 people, we know that the presence of the Divine is right in the midst of every family, every home, and every temple.

We surround you with love and compassion.

"Compassion is not religious business, it is human business; it is not luxury, it is essential for our own peace and mental stability, it is essential for human survival." - Dalai Lama XIV

For those who have died in the earthquake and aftermath - "Pray, and pray often...Their consciousness will be comforted by your loving vibrations of Godspeed, love and friendship. Pray also for their loved ones, affirming that their spirits have the faith, strength and courage to carry on." 

Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith


I join my prayers with all people to help relieve the suffering from this natural disaster.

May we come together in community even more to help each other in thought, word, deed.

Sally Mahé, Co-Director of Global Programs & Organizational Development


Dear Abraham,

Its really sad to know about the death of people in Nepal, UP, and West Bengal due to the massive earthquake. May the Lord our God be with the victims of Earthquake and heal their wounds and provide them all they need. May the souls of dead ones rest in peace.

God bless you all.

Jahangir Piara


Dear Abraham ji and Friends,

Today again at 12.39pm at a magnitude of 6.5 another Earthquake made it very panicking. I am sending this mail   from the open field where all of the residents of our area came out and still panicked and waiting. I live in an apartment, which seems like made worst feelings. There are so much property loss and life loss in Bengal also. Sending this quick note from my cellphone that we are safe and hoping the tremor will not raise further.


Biswadeb Chakraborty, Regional Coordinator, India, East Zone


Dear Biswadeb,

We in New Zealand are very aware of the dreadful earthquake that has devastated so many lives. Our media are relaying it to us faithfully. We are all the more conscious of your plight since our Christchurch City Earthquake virtually destroyed much of the inner city and many areas in the suburbs several years ago. May the all merciful sustain you by a sense of life beyond terror.

George from New Zealand


My dear sisters, brothers and family of light and love in the world.

My humble Bumblebee is working in Nepal with S.A.D.P in food security and creativity with the women with village sustainability. We are working with the rural women whose husbands had to go into India to get work after the Western agriculture destroyed their farming practices. This is a passion for me, as I assist those around the globe to create holistic best practices in their growing of food and the care of the land, care of their children, and bring balance to their living in peace. Holistic farming is being reintroduced and we have been working with these groups, schools and women’s groups for a number of years. Now they are suffering more than we can imagine!!!!

We have word this evening that the worst is yet to come.... and if it would be possible to help start some appeals with the global networks to help. I would like to invite my brothers and sisters in the URI, of which I feel so blessed to be part, to help me to create such an appeal and to do so though the networks of the URI and its websites; its vibrant youth, CCd around the globe and its amazing faith and love. As to be a witness of LOVE. BE THAT LOVE IN ACTION. I can give you all the details as they come to light. But request now action as to be the light I know we can be. Let our prayers be prayers of actions and real giving, giving that will see a difference being made ... and a light shining!!!! 

Nepal and the Himalayas are very dear to me, they are the home of many spiritual truths and are filled with love. I feel they are the home of love on this earth.

May our love as a united world of Faiths. Globally - be a light, as I ask for this support .. this unity ... please can we do this... as a witness of that love...

I really believe the absolute good can be realised if each and every individual in this email realises that they have with in them an individual expression of the whole, God, Creator is in all. We together have the imagination, we have the heart, we have the voice and we can make a difference. I am thinking that if every CC around the globe could give to the grassroots ... focusing on the rebuild of one aspect  ---perhaps the children, the orphans of this experience, if this flood of good can pour forth and show through their work together the real love the real joy, sharing skills, ideas, and funds, as to build the most beautiful - and blessed creative space for children affected by this, all faiths.

I had been working with the women to build enterprise, and with the schools to teach them the holistic garden principles-- i.e. the creation of a TOGETHER garden where everything supports everything else; animals insects, and plants, in the whole. The children were writing an e-book about the ancestors, about the way of the land as to teach themselves and others how to care for it, how to work with it as to show respect for creation, and each other, leading to FOOD SECURITY. And in this book are the characters that have travelled around the world as we have sent our shipments of Hope to communities in need. We paint these on the containers!!!

If we could all work together, we could help this to still happen, and create a beautiful playground, a healing creative playground, garden and amazing creative space for making, to help sustain the peoples - a space of love and healing. George, this could happen ... and if it did it could then be a cultural space... that can be a model for others to build healing creative spaces for so many... including the children in the Middle East. Our children need to play, healing needs to come from joy, and that joy needs to flow from all that is with us together. We can speak words and love and this is powerful and we can also create.. together as a living witness, and this witness can be powerful.

I make welcome anyone who would like to be with me in creating this for these people.; schools around the globe, CCs around the globe, all communities ... a little form all will make this happen. I can see it... I invite you to see it too...!!!

I am eager to be in action to support this and am inviting interfaith groups, youth and children everywhere around the globe, to be with me in this action. 

CONCEPT: I desire to post a recipe and design for a biscuit, with the ability to access labels, called CARE FOR KIDS NEPAL.

This recipe has helped me send shipments, by making it and selling it since 2006. The making has been with mums who need the work, so they have been paid. The selling it has raised the funds for the shipments, helping to set up enterprises for women in need.

I have also done this with other food... and the program is called Bumblebee Factory. FOOD FOR FOOD.

I desire to ask for support to encourage people anywhere in the world, including CC GROUPS, to make these biscuits. I ask them to do so in an enterprise activity that will see those that they may be caring for, or children in schools, or women in need, or their own needs....  everyone benefiting, and then to sell them with Love, as to be this Love in action for Nepal at the present time.

If this can be done then I would ask those who can do this to then put those profits into an account that I can forward to them... to be administered three ways, to S.A.D.P. for sustainable education and training of rural women Nepal, REBUILD NOW to children of the earth in support of the work with education of  children in Nepal, to my own organization Bumblebee Foundation CC URI in order to build playgrounds and play spaces in the context of food gardens to help children, in Nepal, as part of the rebuild.

If this is successful and I pray it is.... then there are many other designs I can help with to help many many people.


Pauline Crosbie of Bumblebee Global Renewal Projects CC


Dear Biswadeb,

We are shocked to  hear about this sad news. I can imagine how people are suffering from this disaster. So we altogether are praying for victims in Nepal and India, wishing speedy recovery and to heal their wounded hearts. I also have a few friends in Nepal, so among them I still didn’t get any information about one lady. 

Take care about yourself. Our blessings are always with you and your family.


Ravindra Kandage

Executive Director - Shanthi Sena

Vice president Sarvodaya Movement

Global Trustee - URI                          


Dear Abraham Sir,

Glad to hear Swamiji and others are safe.

Following is a small report from ISKCON, Nepal regional secretary. They have set up relief camps. 

We are reporting a disastrous earthquake that engulfed Nepal since 25 April, 2015 noon. A massive earthquake measuring up to 7.9 Richter scale hit the country for more than 100 times in 24 hours. Number of casualties increasing moment by moment resulting in great loss of many lives and properties. The aftershock of the earthquake is predicted to continue for the next 6 days having 6 epicenters on the northern part of Kathmandu. Most of the world heritage sites and temples all over Nepal collapsed within seconds after the initial shock. The only international airport in Kathmandu has its runway cracked, we now have no connection with the outside world. Cracked roads, landslides and demolished houses have made it difficult to move around and basic facilities including communication and electricity are difficult. An State of Emergency has been declared by the Nepal Government. As a result of the earthquake, the devotee community has also been affected with many devotees injured, having their houses lost. Some of their relatives also left their bodies buried. In this time of crisis, we devotees from ISKCON Nepal are also extending our help to the people affected through our programs of Medical camps, Rescue teams and Food for life. We are trying our best in reaching out to people in the form of Krishna’s Prasadam and other facilities. However, our help we are trying to extend is not enough to reach the huge number of people who are affected. 

So, we wholeheartedly appeal to the devotees worldwide to help us with funds and prayers at this time of crisis.

Regional Sectretary
HH Mahavishnu Swami

We join all in offering our prayers to all who suffered in the earthquake.

Jayanti R. Chavan


Ohh! My God, I am really give condolence to those innocents killed.

RIP and I raise my prayer to those who lived in God they will be safe.

Shumbusho Patience


Dear friends,

It is such sad news to hear about these deaths. 

My sincere prayers to the family and all of you the friends we know in India and Nepal.

 In peace, 

Despina Namwembe
Regional Coordinator
United Religions Initiative (URI)- Great Lakes


Dear Friends,

Namaste and greetings of peace from eastern part of India. Today at 11.40 am we had a stronger earthquake and the second one with smaller scale at 12.15. We felt it so strong that in seconds we were out at the street. Few minutes later we got the news that the epic centre was in Nepal with a magnitude of 7.8 RS. More that 1500 people found dead in Nepal so far. Hundreds others suspected to be under the debris. In West Bengal lot of property damaged and few casualties. I am unable to reach some of my friends in Nepal until then we pray together for those who lost the precious loved ones. Sending much love. 

Biswadeb Chakraborty, Regional Coordinator, India, East Zone


Dear Biswadeb ji, our thoughts are with all our sisters and brothers in Nepal and India. 

We pray for the souls of all those who have departed and healing for all the families who have lost loved ones.

May all the rescue operations be speedy and successful.

In peace and prayer,

Kiran Bali MBE JP, URI Global Council Trustee Chair 

Update April 26:

Dear URI Family, I am so relieved that I have finally made contact with one of our main CC Leaders in Nepal, Dr Chintamani Yogi ji.

Dr Yogi ji from Kathmandu has informed me of his difficult situation and that he and other community members are all sleeping outside for their safety. It is quite cold and it may rain tonight. There are still many people missing. He has thanked everyone for their prayers and concern.

There is terrible suffering and a huge amount of destruction with further casualties. Massive rescue and rehabilitation operations are still underway.

Let us continue our prayers and deeds for all our sisters and brothers in Nepal and all the neighbouring countries who are feeling tremors and aftershocks. May they receive help and healing during this tragic time.


Biswadeb and our dear friends in Nepal, Pakistan and India,

I thought of you all this morning when I heard the news. My heart is with you.

Sari Heidenreich, URI Regional Coordinator for North America 


Dear Biswadeb and Friends,

This is one disaster too many. Watching the images on International News Channels, and seeing human beings pulled out of debris- some already dead and someone still alive, but in critical situations- and some may never been seen again- just makes one cry helplessly. There is already more than enough natural troubles for humankind, and yet, fellow human beings have decided create their own artificial troubles for humankind.

May God grant peaceful rest to the dead and our brothers and sisters directly affected by this natural disaster, the strength, courage and the help they need to keep hope alive.


Emmanuel Ivorgba, Regional Coordinator, URI West Africa


Sending prayers and loads of energy to those in Nepal and India impacted by the earthquake.

It was heartwarming to learn that Sikhs at the Golden Temple Gurudwara in India were starting to send 100,000 meals to Nepal daily and Gurudwaras in the Delhi Region were sending about 25,000 per day. Our prayers are with all of you!

Thank you, 

Rupsi Burman, Founder - Hope In Life Foundation Corp. 


Dear Biswadeb and Colleagues,

Thank you for sharing the news and concerns about the earthquake. We pray for the people of difficult situation around there to overcome the tragedy and for fast recovery.

May peace prevail on Earth!

Dr. Jinwol Lee, URI Asia's Regional Coordinator for Korea


Dear URI friends in Nepal and India,

We are sad over this big incident that has killed so many innocent people also feel bad for those waiting for help in order to survive. May God have mercy on them. We, the Seeds of Peace CC and Ezaz-e-Niswan CC are united in this sorrow and pray for all concerned and affected by this tragic happening. May you all experience peace and consolation.  

Please know that we are united with you at this time of difficulties. May God be very close at this needed time. We remain united in prayers.

Miss Naseem George T.I - Director, Ezaz-e-Niswan Development Organization, Sargodha - Pakistan


Hello fellow URI Members,

Shalom group in Ghana wish the best for our friends in Nepal and India, praying!

Peace to all,

 Mr. Nana Peter, Chair, Shalom Ghana


Dear Biswadeb,

I am very upset and sad to hear about the earth quake in Nepal that has caused the loss of so many precious lives. On behalf of the URI Pakistan region I express deep solidarity and prayers for all those who are affected by this natural disaster. 

Also our deep solidarity with brothers and sisters who are affected by the devastating and massive earthquake in India.


Fr James Channan O P, URI Regional Coordinator Pakistan 


Dear Brother Biswadeb,

Greetings of peace and blessing from URI Africa. This is indeed very sad news and on behalf of URI Africa I would like to offer our deep condolence to all the victims and their families. I also extend our heartfelt sympathy to you and to all our brothers and sisters in Nepal, India and Bangladesh. We are with you in prayers.

On behalf of URI-Africa I extend our deep condolences and heartfelt sympathy to the victims in Nepal over the massive earthquake that has killed over 2,000 people and injured thousands more.

We are deeply shocked and saddened by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Nepal as well as its surrounding neighbors, India and Bangladesh on April 25 which claim the precious life of thousands people while casualties have also been reported in India, China and Bangladesh.

We express our solidarity at this trying time and we stand in solidarity and prayers with the family of the victims and the governments and people of Nepal, India and Bangladesh.

Our thoughts and prayers are with all the victims, their family, the deceased, the injured and the bereaved alike.  

May Peace Prevail on Earth

In peace and gratitude, 

Ambassador Mussie Hailu, Regional Director of URI Africa & Representative of URI to African Union, Economic Commission for Africa and UN office at Nairobi


Dear Biswadeb,

I continue to pray for the people of Nepal and surrounding areas affected by the earthquake. There are no words. Our prayers are strong and our hearts are filled and overflowing with love. 

With Love,

Audri Scott Williams, Global Council Trustee for URI Multiregion


Dear friends and URI family,  

My heart is so sad to hear news of the earthquake and destruction. It is a terrible tragedy for all of us to have so many killed and missing. I have seen some of the destroyed landmarks in person and it's hard to believe that something so old and beautiful can be reduced to dust so quickly. What a terrible, terrible thing to happen to our brothers and sisters in Nepal and India. Please know you are all in my thoughts and I am sending out my deepest sympathies and love, and wishes of full recovery for those injured.

With peace and love,

Gaea Denker, URI Communications Manager


Dear John,

We join all those in grieve over the lost of their kith and kin, and the injured- physically and at heart, in prayers that you may receive comfort as desired.

May the International community come to the rescue on time.

It's so painful!!

Honorable Elisha Buba Yero, URI Global Council Trustee, Jos, Nigeria 



A powerful earthquake has rocked central Nepal, died thousands of people, thousands of injuries, damage to buildings and with many more feared trapped under rubble The Nepal government seeks support from the various international agencies which are more knowledgeable and equipped to handle the kind of emergency. The quake measured 7.9 and struck an area between the capital Kathmandu and the city of Pokhara.  Tremors were felt across the region, as far afield as Pakistan, Bangladesh and neighboring India. Several buildings, including the landmark Dharahara tower, were reduced to rubble in Kathmandu. Residents came out into the streets, with mobile phone networks and other communications disrupted. Injured people have been brought to the main hospital. There has been no estimate yet on the number of deaths. India government send four aircraft including a C-130 plane carrying three tones of relief supplies and a 40-member rescue team were on Saturday pressed into service to assist Nepal after it suffered a devastating earthquake in which hundreds of people have been killed. The government will be sending medical teams and mobile hospitals and relief supplies include tents and blankets. Everyone is praying for the well being of people of Nepal & India affected by the earthquake. 

Prof. John Kurakar, Global Council of U.R.I


Dear friends,

Greeting with peace from Uri North Zone, India. 

It is very sad to hear that near about 1500 people lost their lives in Nepal due to the earthquake on 25 April morning at 11:00 AM. Deep condolences to the families who lost their loved ones. Let’s pray for them. May god grant peace for the dead people and give strength to their families.

With regards,

Hira Paul Gangnegi, Regional Coordinator, India, North Zone


Thank you for the direct contact.  I am also in touch with Dr. Fletcher Tink, Dean of Union College and Seminary in the Philippines and So Cal.  He had just arrived in Kathmandu to teach one of his Theology of Work courses, and he is also sleeping outside with the community and apparently "in the right place at the right time" as far as comforting some of those folks.  The problem with the buildings is that because of the age of some and the way they were constructed, they are not "earthquake proof".  The edge of the tectonic plate runs right through that area - same as the San Andreas for you Californians. 

Praying for all of them. 

Anne Roth, Former Vice Chair, Leadership Council, URI North America


San Francisco Interfaith Council (a URI North America CC) Offers Prayers and Encourages Support for Aid Response to the Nepal Earthquake:

April 27, 2015

As the world mourns the loss of the more than 3,600 people who perished inSaturday's devastating earthquake, the San Francisco Interfaith Council (SFIC) joins our City's communities of faith in offering up prayers for the people of Nepal, the deceased, survivors, concerned family members and loved ones. We also pray for the rescue and aid workers who selflessly and courageously are responding to this crisis.

Throughout San Francisco, many houses of worship have or will extend the invitation to make an offering to support the critical and time sensitive on-the-ground aid work being undertaken. In addition to these appeals, for those wishing to make online donations to the agency of their choice, we direct your attention to the "Humanitarian Aid" link on the SFIC website.

For additional information, please contact Michael G. Pappas at (415) 425-9631.


Dear Abraham Karickam

The miserable situation in Nepal is really very painful. Apart from our earnest prayers, we have also planned to make some relief programs with the guidance and support of local organizations and welfare activists.

·        Supply of food materials-ready food, water and beverages

·        Clothes and other essential needs

·        Medical aid

·        Counselling and spiritual support

·        Supporting livelihood, education and treatment by possible means.

·        Accommodation (temporary) till everything becomes settled or manageable

·        Guiding and support for safe construction and re-habitation

·        To provide an effective future plan for safety, rescue and rectification.

Apart from this, we also plan to organize inter-faith and public prayers, Deepa Pooja, Viswa Shanti Homam and parayanams. We hope that these belated measures may be effective in rapid rehabilitation and realization of the survivors and nation, in providing peace for the souls of the victims and hopefully maximize our awareness and eco-obedient behaviour and minimize such devastations in future. 

We will be glad to hear your ideas and comments in this regard.

Yours sincerely,

Varadan Chandar, Sri Ramanuja Mission Trustee


I am working from Australia with Nepalese people/aid agencies and am supporting shipments/aid relief at the grassroots / as I write.

I have been working in NEPAL with S.A.D.P. and I have been working with women and children to support food security and enterprises. I was doing this with the poorest communities and villages before the earthquake and am about to direct funds into helping people at the grassroots.

We are working on our mountain in Melbourne, Mt Dandenong, with schools and interfaith communities  - to raise funds, and will be having a meeting this coming Monday to support URI fundraising with our multi faith networks in Melbourne.

If I can be of any support to this good Dr, please do let let me know.

Pauline Crosbie of Bumblebee Global Renewal Projects CC


Dear Abraham Karickam,

The miserable situation in Nepal is really very painful. Apart from our earnest prayers, we have also planned to make some relief programs with the guidance and support of local organizations and welfare activists.


  • Supply of food materials-ready food, water and beverages
  • Clothes and other essential needs
  • Medical aid
  • Counselling and spiritual support
  • Supporting livelihood, education and treatment by possible means.
  • Accommodation (temporary) till everything becomes settled or manageable
  • Guiding and support for safe construction and re-habitation
  • To provide an effective future plan for safety, rescue and rectification.


Apart from this, we also plan to organize inter-faith and public prayers, Deepa Pooja, Viswa Shanti Homam and parayanams. We hope that these belated measures may be effective in rapid rehabilitation and realization of the survivors and nation, in providing peace for the souls of the victims and hopefully maximize our awareness and eco-obedient behaviour and minimize such devastations in future.

We will be glad to hear your ideas and comments in this regard.

Yours sincerely 

Varadan Chandar, Sri Ramanuja Mission Trustee


Greetings from Sydney!

Congratulations for taking such a noble initiative in Nepal Crisis.

I have gone through your designed activities and agreed with most of the activities you have planned, which is really a need of this crucial time though 'guiding and support for safe construction and re-habitation' could be made a separate program package and to be taken later on (immediately after relief end). However, big funding as well as Govt. permission is also a need for effective longer rehabilitation. Since rain is knocking there; so, agri-livelihood is essential for immediate starting emphasizing seed, seedling, sapling, fish and fingerling, livestock feed, mini tractor for land tillage, cash for labour etc. could be added in agri-livelihood at this moment.

However, organize inter-faith and public prayers is very delicate issue at this moment but it would not be such if organized locally  by local leaders in an understandable situation. Since organizer like you are there with various Indian experience, so, it would be overcome easily.

Again, I congratulate you and your team members, who are by the side of depressed humanity during such a crucial moment of Nepal crisis. May God help you both in soul and physical strength. 

My regards,



Our hearts are with you all for the kind gesture and sending of relief to Nepal, a friend of mine have personally flew from India to Nepal few days ago with some relief items especially medicine to help too.

I am praying for everyone taken this issue upon themselves to help in any little way they can. God bless you all.


Peter, Shalom Ghana CC


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