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Our community is working tirelessly to bring peace and justice in all areas of the world regardless of religion. Read stories straight from the organizers.

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The Need for Jewish-Islamic Interfaith Dialogue

Professor Mohammed Dajani, founder of Wasatia Cooperation Circle, and Rabbi Ron Kronish spoke to 20 American teachers of Judaism on “The Need for Jewish-Islamic Interfaith Dialogue” at the Wasatia Academic Institute in Jerusalem.

News from Europe URI

URI Europe Cooperation Circles build understanding, friendship and joint actions every day. In a world, where extremist views - right-wing populists or terrorist - get lots of attention, they show that people can connect as human beings, build bonds of friendship, create joint positive actions and work for the common good together.

Happy 18th Anniversary, URI

The worldwide United Religions Initiative community shares messages and wishes on June 26th, the 18th anniversary of the URI Charter signing.

Seeking Change for the Poor, Cooperation Circles Participate National Campaign

Fifty years after the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., many feel it is time for another revival — not a religious revival, but one that will initiate a new era of dignity and honor for all people. And so, in 2018, thousands of participants are launching a new Poor People’s Campaign.