Health and Social Services

When individuals suffer, whole societies suffer. URI Cooperation Circles bring healing.
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URI Cooperation Circles work hard to improve the health of people all over the world, giving them the chance to lead meaningful and full lives.

Examples of our work in this Action Area:

  • A Better Community for All Pakistan organizes free medical care for rural families who can’t afford doctors, distributing medicine and connecting patients with free hospital stays when necessary.
  • Blantyre CC wanted to restore sanitary conditions to Bangwe township in Southern Malawi. Together, 50 young people removed waste and cleaned pollution so the population could live in healthier surroundings.
  • Members of URI Brasilia CC in Brazil offered health, hygiene, cultural and citizenship services to the inmates of the SalveaSi - Institution for Treatment of Chemical Dependents, in observance of the National Day to Combat Religious Intolerance.
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Inter-religious Peace and Solidarity Prayer for the Victims of Indian Shelling at Village Kundanpur Sialkot - Pakistan

As on 28th August 2015 the Indian Army resorted to heaving firing and shelling in village Kundanpur along the Sialkot working boundary on innocent and unarmed civilian population which claimed more than eight lives and injured more than 48 including 22 females. To show solidarity with the martyred and affected people Pakistan Council for Social Welfare & Human Rights organized interreligious peace and solidarity prayer at village Kundanpur. Hindu, Christian and Muslim’s religious and political leaders, civil society members, teachers associations, and others participated in the peace and solidarity prayer. A peaceful protest was also held to condemn the Indian’s Army inhuman act. 

Interfaith Action: URI Cooperation Circles Around the World Provide Care to Refugees

With the world's eyes fixed on the refugee crisis in Europe and the Middle East, URI Cooperation Circle from Germany to Bulgaria to Bosnia and Herzegovina are building "safe places" and "giving hospitality" to refugees. With the recent influx of refugees, Cooperation Circles across Europe are mobilizing to welcome refugees, providing for basic needs and more.

AFCOPB to host the 2nd Africa Peace Conference in October 2015

The 2nd Africa Peace Conference is being organized by the Africa Center for Peace Building, Ghana in collaboration with the Universal Peace Federation (UPF), an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and supported by Teachers Without Borders, Global Educators for All Initiative, Passion House International and Senyo Global Group.