URI Groups Sign Freedom of Religion Statement in Germany

20 January 2017, 12:25 PM

In Germany, three URI Cooperation Circles have signed a statement that affirms freedom of religion. They handed the statement to the mayor of Bad Godesberg, Ms. Simone Stein-Luecke. The three URI groups: URI Germany, the Intercultural Circle URI Bonn, and the DMLB (German Muslim-League Bonn), signed next to 10 other institutions, including six Muslim and four Christian congregations.

With the statement, the groups affirm the freedom of religion and ask for an equal treatment of different religions in societies worldwide. They also express their commitment for continued and deepened dialogue and cooperation between followers of different religions.

Read the full story on the URI Europe website here.

Cooperation Circles Involved

URI Germany CC (URI Deutschland CC)

“Our purpose is to create an administrative structure for URI in Germany. To inspire and support CCs in German- speaking countries, and to promote the aims of URI and make them better known in Germany.”