Preserving Indigenous Wisdom in Argentina

16 July 2018, 3:57 PM
Yacu Yura CC with Enoe

Visit of the Regional Coordinator to Yacu Yura CC, Córdoba-Argentina

Last June 2018, the URI Latin America Regional Coordinator Enoé Texier was invited by UNESCO to participate in the Community of Spiritual and Ecological Reflection (CREE) that was held in the city of Córdoba in Argentina. Taking advantage of her stay in Cordoba, the Coordinator visited the members of the Cooperation Circle Yacu Yura, and shared news about one of its current activities. We include below the information about the activities.

By Adriana Reyes

YACU YURA is glad to share this project with the URI community. We thank Enoé Texier for her visit, and for all the support and advice we received.

Our goal is to create a bridge between our elders and the elders of the Tacu Kuntur Indigenous community of the Camichingon people, as well as between children of the area, which is especially lacking.

Our goal is to rescue our values, customs and ancestral thoughts, which have been lost as modern life advances. We relate to the wisdom, customs and guidance of our grandparents. We reaffirm and describe the importance of the values of the ancestral worldview.

In this way, we will reaffirm the value of the elderly, who can share their wisdom, and reaffirm the value of the children, who will learn our customs: collecting fruits, cultivating medicinal plants, using traditional plants in the kitchen and in medicine, taking special awareness in the use of water, by protecting our beloved land, and by working in community loving our dear Mother Earth.

For this goal, we have people committed to this way of living and thinking. They will facilitate physical spaces that are indispensable for the realization of the project. We are also looking for those who can make economic contributions for the expenses that this project demands. At the moment, we have two very suitable places for this action: Chakras del Universo and Camping El Pilgrim, which are both in the area of the commune of Charbonier Province of Córdoba Argentine Republic. The land here is still preserved as virgin forest, since where the natural fauna and flora are found, we must protect, collect and make new plants for later reforesting other places, since many of them were deforested for various reasons.

By Mario Frontera of Yacu Yura