Sharing knowledge helps us make informed decisions that benefit us all.
Schoolchildren at a wooden desk

Harmful stereotypes that fuel tensions between religious groups are usually rooted in ignorance, and the desperation of poverty often catalyzes violent outbreaks. Therefore, URI Cooperation Circles work to educate people to create safer, more peaceful communities.

Examples of our work in this Action Area:

  • Escuela de Amor CC has been visiting a Catholic school in Buenos Aires, Argentina for more than fifteen years, answering students’ questions about their different religions to prepare them for encountering interfaith colleagues in university and work life.
  • When a USA school board wanted to ban a book about Islam, the Women's Interfaith Network spoke eloquently on peace, tolerance and understanding, resulting in a unanimous vote to keep the book in the school system.
  • Cultural Infusion empowers young Australians by helping them use cultural and artistic expression to promote social cohesion.
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Ektaan CC opens new computer training center at local Mosque

Dear Friends,

Namaste and greetings of peace from India. Here are some pictures of another computer center which opened a few weeks ago with the help of the members from the local Mosque. This is the first time in the area that a computer training program has been run by URI inside the Mosque premises. URI member Md. Sarfaraz oversees the project. We expect to run a complete educational program and engage the larger community, especially targeting children from different communities to attend classes at the center. This will allow children from other communities to an opportunity to attend the Mosque and become familiar with other religions through engagement and open interaction with other children. This initiative had been planned for a long time. So it’s now being born, we are moving forward with much concrete steps to develop the plan further for greater impact.

Biswadeb Chakraborty
Ektaan CC

PCSW&HR Participation to Express Solidarity & Peace Prayer at Peace Prayer Service in Memory of Late Shahbaz Bhatti Federal Minister for Minorities Rights and Chairman Minorities Alliance Pakistan

A delegation of Pakistan Council for Social Welfare & Human Rights comprised by the Chairman Mr. Muhammad Ijaz Noori, Secretary General Mr. Shakeel Younis and Executive Member Mr. Muhammad Usman specially participated in the Peace Prayer and memorial service to express the solidarity by the Muslim members of Pakistan Council for Social Welfare & Human Rights with the Catholic Fathers & Sisters on the assassination of Shahbaz Bhatti. To express the solidarity the delegation let the candles and also offered the peace prayer as per Muslim traditions and also participated in the prayer led by Rev. Sr. Marie Cecile. The delegation also attributed the efforts of Mr. Shahbaz Bhatti for the protection of minorities’ rights, peace and interfaith harmony in Pakistan