We use many types of media to provide a global opportunity for participation by all people, especially by those whose voices are not often heard.
Center for Religious Tolerance CC hosts the "Let's Talk About the Middle East" podcast.

URI Cooperation Circles spread their message of peace through a variety of media types to reach people all over the world by television, film, radio, print; web; and more.

Examples of our work in this Action Area:

  • The URI Cambodia Regional Coordinator runs a radio show where curious callers can ask questions about other religions.
  • Think Peace Media and Communications, a URI Multiregion CC based in Texas, USA, uses interviews, photo contests, and other forums to "give voice to the voiceless and attention to the healing of the world."
  • Youth of Peace, Yemen, helps youth find their voice amidst a country torn by war, by training them in producing their own documentary films promoting tolerance, respect, and religious freedom.
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Celebration of World Interfaith Harmony Week by PCSW&HR in February 2014

As the UN General Assembly unanimously passed a resolution to observe the World Interfaith Harmony Week annually during the first week of February. During the 1st week of February 2014 the world celebrated 4th world interfaith harmony week throughout the world. Pakistan Council for Social Welfare & Human Rights (PCSW&HR) also actively participated to celebrate the world interfaith harmony week. To celebrate this week PCSW&HR organized various awareness activities.