Peaceful co-existence between Christians and Muslims in the Balkans
"Our purpose is to promote religious tolerance and peaceful co-existence between people of different religious traditions."
Christianity, Islam
Protestant, Orthodox, Catholic
Number of Members
Sofia, Bulgaria
Joined URI Network

BRIDGES is a non-governmental and over-confessional organization which brings together people of faith from different religious traditions represented in Bulgaria. The main goal of the forum is to be a platform for dialogue for the Christian denominations and to present and popularize the peaceful model of co-existence between Orthodox Christianity and Islam in the country. In their future work they will be guided by the following basic principles and goals: to reinforce the contacts between different religious communities in Bulgaria and to create basis of interreligious and intercultural dialogue; to enhance understanding and mutual respect among members of different religions traditions; to bring together people from different religious experiences and ethnic backgrounds to help understand diversity; to create contacts with men and women of different religious communities in Bulgaria and in Eastern European countries; and to promote the tolerance and the equality between men and women in the professional domain and especially in the theological domain – teaching and research. Bulgaria is at a crossroads of civilizations and religion is a bridge connecting Christianity with Islam. That is why BRIDGES believes a forum for dialogue should emerge to bring together different religious groups and traditions.



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